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One Diagram to Rule Them All

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My very direct son recently asked me if, now that he's gone off to university, perhaps I might stop doing stuff and just... I'm not sure what, but I think he felt my productive days were numbered.

He said it with a smile, so I think he was just being sarcastic.

I had an answer for him, which I hope he found useful.

The thing that keeps me going is learning.

In one of my documentaries, the teacher Michel Thomas said his success was down to the fact that a basic human drive is to learn. When you tap into that, then life never feels like it is ending.

It's always about growing.

What you learn is up to you. When you have a goal, then each new skill builds on the last.

My goals are to do with creativity in general. Hence I've focussed on storytelling (obviously), but also developing skills and insights relating to the practical side of taking that story and turning it into something that gets that story out into the world.

The diagram at the top of this post is one that I used in a recent seminar with my students.

Every task you need to complete to get your story into the world is built on your storytelling skills. Every choice you make is built on the purpose and direction that comes from your story.

The reason is that a great story is designed to deliver meaning to your audience.

The DocFix is a system - a series of steps that enable you to take your idea and create a narrative from it. A powerful, meaningful story - at every level. When you have that, every choice you make will then make absolute sense. They will have a purpose.

Without it - however impressive or elegant your work seems to be, however powerful or important your idea is - a story built on weak foundations becomes very wobbly indeed. In practical terms, it means that you are wasting resources…

…time, money, energy and passion.

And in attempting to fix your story, you are most likely making it worse.

If you are struggling with taking your idea and creating a great story from it, then arrange an appointment for a call. I'll do everything I can to put you on the right path, part of which will be helping you identify the mistakes you are making and the simple steps (yes, some of it is really simple and quick) that will get you back on track.

All the best - Nigel‚Äč