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The Fear of Working Alone

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One of our new students was very honest when introducing herself to our community. She told us that she had moved from the city to upstate New York and “was a bit isolated at times”.

This can be a disadvantage in a number of ways.

Without outside feedback on your work, it can obviously be hard to be objective about its weaknesses. The opinions of others are always valuable. But just remember that while you should accept an opinion, the solution offered is rarely as useful. Seeing a weakness is far easier than fixing it.

The other disadvantage is the lack of general support and encouragement when things aren't going smoothly. And however well prepared you are, there will be times when you'll feel discouraged.

One of the things I'm most proud of with The Doc Fix is the strength of our community, which is growing all the time.

They are there to support you and hold you accountable. They have been through the same questions you have with your story. Is it good enough? Can I really make it work? Can I do more than that and make it great?

Often, if you have a question, one of your fellow students will jump in before I have a chance to comment. Their backgrounds and experiences are diverse, and their perspectives are invaluable.

That kind of support in The Doc Fix is something that has only grown over time.

I will answer every question you have about your story - how to understand the deep meaning you are trying to express and where weaknesses in the structure lie. Or how to create a powerful ending. I can give you solid options for the opening of your story and explain exactly how each functions.

At the same time, if you are a little unsure you are on the right path, there are friendly voices to help you with that. Myself and the community. They want you to succeed as much as they have.

If you want to be a part of this, just get in touch.

All the best - Nigel