The Doc Fix


A full day mentoring and consulting, dedicated to your own style, productions and story process.

DocFix Complete 12-week Story Solution

The program to give you the skills to turn any idea into a perfectly structured documentary.

This system provides a unique, beyond-film-school opportunity to develop the skills to take your idea and create a perfectly structured, powerful and meaningful documentary.

They apply to every format or genre of story: from shiny floor shows, drama-doc, sports (as used by Nigel in the hit Netflix series F1: Drive to Survive), arts or science doc, Natural History, presenter-led and even 'art' documentaries (if you are working the festival arena).

You will be in total control of the critical concepts of acts, theme, genre, character and more - and be able to use them to create a vibrant and complete story with meaning. You will quickly possess the foundational skills that will allow you to become a completely confident factual storyteller at the highest level - whether you are a beginner or seasoned professional.

Ultimately, they will give you the skills and security to understand and construct a story that will stay with you throughout your career.