The Doc Fix

DocFix Seminar

In person or on-line

This is the day-long course covering the essential techniques used in The Doc Fix for all formats of factual programme and film making. A second day can be arranged, which will include a step-by-step case study of a complete story restructure, with further practice to develop the practical techniques behind fast and accurate story analysis. An example of a previous course, at Screen Ireland, is here.

Whether one or two days, the course will be designed for the needs of the students attending the seminar.

Seminars may be organised by outside organisations, along with my group seminars that will be carried out via Zoom. There is also great value in a production company arranging a seminar in their own name, which can be tailored to their specific needs and programme styles.

If you are interested, please do get in touch.

Course Content:

  • What a story is - and the difference between a story and a tale.
  • The concept of the story mind, and how we can explore the argument a story is making.
  • The difference between structure and story telling. How both are vital, but the crucial skill is to be able to separate out the two and see where your problem lies.
  • Throughlines. How breaking open the story into fundamental through lines gives you complete control and the ability to add richness to the story without compromising elements you already possess.
  • What exactly is an act, where does this idea emerge from and how can we use them in our structure?
  • Genre and theme, which naturally emerge from structure. How can you define them, or find them, in your programme?
  • What exactly is drama or jeopardy? Option locks and time locks and how having both will only confuse your audience.
  • The danger of reacting to your story rather than constructing it.
  • What do we mean when we are asking a character to go on a ‘journey’?
  • Fool-proof ways to know the scenes that are needed to begin and end your film.
  • Software tools that can help you with the process.