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Are you struggling to turn your idea into a great documentary story? This podcast takes you through the steps that world-class documentary makers use to create compelling documentaries from real-life ideas.

Whether it's for Netflix, The BBC, or Amazon, or you are just starting out, great storytelling is what your audience craves - it's the foundation of every successful documentary.

Award-winning documentary maker Nigel Levy goes behind the scenes to discuss the key story skills behind some of the most successful documentaries and factual series screened, (including those in which he's had a key role, including the Netflix hit F1: Drive to Survive, writing for Sir David Attenborough and his documentaries The Language Master and Fatal Attractions).

You'll hear from writers, directors, and creatives working at the highest level in the industry. Ideas are easy; stories are like magic. Listen and understand why. There's really no need for any of this to be a mystery anymore.

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